101-20131208 Lies

shoulder shadow lies

down on balcony lit lawn ·

planes blink through great bear

100-20120915 Is

the flame of a candle

is my eye sees not itself

extinguished the flame

099-20120914 Upstairs

murky window view

lone yellowhammer singing ·

loud footsteps upstairs

098-20120914 You

hello wanderer

i’m your haiku who are you ·

hope we meet again

097-20120914 Haws

red rose haws shaken

by chilly late summer wind ·

pigeons and jackdaw

096-20120913 Universe

dozing on couch · cats

plumpy mouse and shaggy bear

spin through universe

095-20120913 Answer

hi my friend thank you

for reading me · the answer

you’ll find by yourself

094-20120910 Cat

preparing canned lunch

cat plumpy mouse cozies up ·

maine coon cat watching

093-20120910 Online

to live righteously

to strive to live holily ·

loitering online

092-20120910 Risk

taking the risk of

total experiment of

personal god faith

091-20120910 Wrong

dusky pink evening

rays hover on fallow field ·

what is wrong with it

090-20120904 Self

appraising the toil

to break through to the true self

should there be any

089-20120904 Achoo

sunshine prickling nose

housefly tickling back of hand

achoo · the queen laughs

088-20120901 Gate

gate gate

pāragate pārasaṃgate

bodhi svāhā

087-20120901 Interface

decision matrix

rating symbol systems of

god man interface

086-20120823 Nudges

following contrails

in leaden sunset · strange dog

nudges leg with nose

085-20120823 Out

suffering craving

relinquishment of craving ·

no path out but one

084-20120818 Message

message in the wind ·

where in space and time it be

hello my soulmate

083-20120818 Paths

blue sky milky clouds

musing on hypermaze paths ·

steeple bells toll hour

082-20120813 Tranquil

tranquil lunch for two

on fresh-scrubbed patio · oops

a yellowhammer

081-20120813 Somewhither

harvested rye fields

heron wading through meadow ·

hawk scream somewhither

080-20120807 Beyond

low parkland skyline

shrinking church steeple · rainbow

beyond nettle field

079-20120801 Handfuls

blooming begonias

hydrangeas climbing roses ·

two handfuls of light

078-20120727 Book

plaster shards on floor

blank rectangles on wallpaper ·

ancient book opened

077-20120719 Rainbow

two rabbits grazing

sun glade below wind-swayed beech ·

rainbow fades away

076-20120709 Harkening

images wanning ·

watchful heart harkening to

voices of daybreak

075-20120706 Energies

threefold resplendend

sun’s anew sensed energies

raining attainment

074-20120705 Go

unflagging chaffinch

doing his work · let’s go out

for sunshine and rain

073-20120703 Night

thrown bottle drifting through

the dark night of an ocean

gleaming full buck moon

072-20120702 Twilight

aircraft slowing down

gainst twilight colour gradient ·

bat shoots by bedroom

071-20120629 Breath

majestic sunbeams

horses grazing in paddock ·

breath of earth with hay

070-20120629 Under

six feet under ground

no button no mobile phone

two hours air to breathe

069-20120629 Gazing

lying on the back

gazing at the covered sky ·

sensing ants crawling

068-20120629 Waymarks

crossroads country lanes

woods paths thicket · no waymarks

wholly overcast

067-20120628 Gone

empty pot turned up

woodlice scurrying around ·

slugs all at once gone

066-20120628 Fruit

scanty fruit fallen

off cankery apple tree ·

shred in mowing grass

065-20120628 Laughter

a senseless laughter

noted by left hand angel ·

radio speaking

064-20120628 Roses

nostalgia roses

please go back to fifty four

wine syrup savor

063-20120627 Cleared

wild back garden cleared ·

sun in hazy heavens vault

as frosted bulb glows

062-20120627 Tamtaa

tam tatam tamta

tam tam tamtata tamta ·

tamtaa tatam tam