Archive for May, 2012

039-20120529 Freedom

no voice get thee out ·

just generous tacit love

forwarding freedom

038-20120529 Mown

withered azaleas

elderflowers by drying stream ·

daisy meadow mown

037-20120526 Laying

crybaby’s cry choked

cheery chaffinck’s warble paused ·

laying name in soul

036-20120526 Step

scent of lime blossoms

late sunset tree silhouettes ·

step grating pebbles

035-20120523 Pit

stone cast lawn putto

by man sized well pit cover ·

loafing on light shores

034-20120523 Man

dog rose buds blooming

red beech squirting blackbird tweets ·

man trimming brook bank

033-20120520 Clouds

black clouds inside glow

round loftiest throne of lustrous

tempera · quart moon