037-20120526 Laying

crybaby’s cry choked

cheery chaffinck’s warble paused ·

laying name in soul

    • lamehousewife
    • May 27th, 2012

    I have to admit that haikus are not one of my genres. Many of these are very cool, though! May I ask from what language they are being translated from? German? I will have to research the rules about haiku to know exactly how to help. In the meantime, here is another blogger whose haikus I think are very good and who may have some tips. http://fivereflections.wordpress.com/ God bless…

    • I know his blog. He is very good indeed. It was reading his haikus that i got inspired to try to write some likewise.

        • lamehousewife
        • June 3rd, 2012

        Oh, that’s cool.

    • lamehousewife
    • May 30th, 2012

    Okay, so I looked up the “rules” and what I found said there really are no rules as long as the syllables are 5-7-5. Haiku writers need not worry about structure or grammar, as you would in a sentence, because it is more about evoking an image. I really like your imagery so far:) God bless…

    • Thank you very much once more.
      The 16th century Japanese had strict rules but we live in other times and cultures and use different languages. So the rules cannot be the same.
      With a haiku I try to capture a particular moment of reality experienced by myself – reality understood as exterior and interior, objective and subjective, material, psychic, mental, spiritual etc
      I strive to grasp the general meaning of the individual moment.

        • lamehousewife
        • June 3rd, 2012

        I think you are doing a great job at that.

      • It seems to be the right thing for a poetic nanovolcano at present.

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