Archive for June, 2012

057-20120625 Worm

wild toned evening sky

sun patches on dusky streets ·

blackbird pecking worm

056-20120622 Hand

window blinds let down

door locked water bottles stocked ·

prayer rope in left hand

055-20120622 Ice

storm night kindling dawn

wren preluding bird concert ·

naked in ice house

054-20120618 Upwards

morning growing dark

birds excited fall silent ·

rose blooms turned upwards

053-20120617 Woman

fragrant box shrub hedge

window light flowing on white car ·

screen lit woman face

052-20120617 Youth

o fire steeds rearing

in the soft hued sunset sky

of a youth poem

051-20120617 Waylaying

soft evening · coon cat

behind parlor pane waylaying

terrace rat caesar