Archive for September, 2012

100-20120915 Is

the flame of a candle

is my eye sees not itself

extinguished the flame

099-20120914 Upstairs

murky window view

lone yellowhammer singing ·

loud footsteps upstairs

098-20120914 You

hello wanderer

i’m your haiku who are you ·

hope we meet again

097-20120914 Haws

red rose haws shaken

by chilly late summer wind ·

pigeons and jackdaw

096-20120913 Universe

dozing on couch · cats

plumpy mouse and shaggy bear

spin through universe

095-20120913 Answer

hi my friend thank you

for reading me · the answer

you’ll find by yourself

094-20120910 Cat

preparing canned lunch

cat plumpy mouse cozies up ·

maine coon cat watching