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017-20120504 Adrift

thrimilce morning glare

lights copperbeech foliage ·

adrift from sky vault

016-20120504 Dusk

spruce twigs sprouting buds

cobwebs floating at damp dusk ·

midges midst pollens

015-20120503 Noon

old red beech shadows

lawn strewn with petals of apple blooms ·

towered noon ceding

014-20120502 Redbreast

hole for thuja digged

redbreast perches on spade shaft ·

thundrous eve sinking

013-20120502 Standstill

may thunder rumbling

blue tit’s wing whirring standstill ·

watching lid inward

012-20120430 Nook

little christmas fir

atrophied · from dried up pot

set in garden nook

011-20120430 Stray

odd stray wasp buzzing

clasped with towel let fly free ·

bright garden air warming