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087-20120901 Interface

decision matrix

rating symbol systems of

god man interface

086-20120823 Nudges

following contrails

in leaden sunset · strange dog

nudges leg with nose

085-20120823 Out

suffering craving

relinquishment of craving ·

no path out but one

084-20120818 Message

message in the wind ·

where in space and time it be

hello my soulmate

083-20120818 Paths

blue sky milky clouds

musing on hypermaze paths ·

steeple bells toll hour

082-20120813 Tranquil

tranquil lunch for two

on fresh-scrubbed patio · oops

a yellowhammer

081-20120813 Somewhither

harvested rye fields

heron wading through meadow ·

hawk scream somewhither