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021-20120507 Fire

fire coming down

into corrupted nature ·

flesh and blood divine

020-20120505 Dark

gazing with dark eyes

into the allholy one’s

uncreated light

019-20120505 Locked

rain on window pane

highroad noise wafting afar ·

knocking on locked door

018-20120505 Dandelion

limp dandelion

cleared out of flagstone walkway ·

cloud pall hanging low

017-20120504 Adrift

thrimilce morning glare

lights copperbeech foliage ·

adrift from sky vault

016-20120504 Dusk

spruce twigs sprouting buds

cobwebs floating at damp dusk ·

midges midst pollens

015-20120503 Noon

old red beech shadows

lawn strewn with petals of apple blooms ·

towered noon ceding

014-20120502 Redbreast

hole for thuja digged

redbreast perches on spade shaft ·

thundrous eve sinking

013-20120502 Standstill

may thunder rumbling

blue tit’s wing whirring standstill ·

watching lid inward

012-20120430 Nook

little christmas fir

atrophied · from dried up pot

set in garden nook

011-20120430 Stray

odd stray wasp buzzing

clasped with towel let fly free ·

bright garden air warming

010-20120430 Shade

jackdaw jumps from fence

pecks prey under musty leaves ·

magnolia’s fine shade

009-20120430 Abyss

chatty church goers’

faltered numb return greeting ·

millennia abyss

008-20120429 Whereto

bird couple’s graceful fly

toward sunset mirroring cloud ·

that ash heart whereto

007-20120429 Voices

past haze-veiled spring greenth ·

myrrh-bearers’ praise voices blaze

hard to reach holies

006-20120428 Chaste

trampled cherry blooms

at ravaged church · in one glance

blest by a nun’s chaste smile

005-20120428 Chimes

across street turmoil

towerbell chimes descending ·

a child squalls mooom

004-20120427 Merle

under pine trees shade

attrited lo a pietà ·

a merle hops about

003-20120427 Spruces

brook spruces swaying

in the easter wind yesterday’s

sparrow chirps · silence

002-20120427 Geese

dwarfs on office stairs

whistling entice passers-by ·

wild geese cry aloft

001-20120426 Dove

mild spring winds whirling

tousle the gardens · neighbor’s

white dove crouching still