080-20120807 Beyond

low parkland skyline

shrinking church steeple · rainbow

beyond nettle field


079-20120801 Handfuls

blooming begonias

hydrangeas climbing roses ·

two handfuls of light

078-20120727 Book

plaster shards on floor

blank rectangles on wallpaper ·

ancient book opened

077-20120719 Rainbow

two rabbits grazing

sun glade below wind-swayed beech ·

rainbow fades away

076-20120709 Harkening

images wanning ·

watchful heart harkening to

voices of daybreak

075-20120706 Energies

threefold resplendend

sun’s anew sensed energies

raining attainment

074-20120705 Go

unflagging chaffinch

doing his work · let’s go out

for sunshine and rain