073-20120703 Night

thrown bottle drifting through

the dark night of an ocean

gleaming full buck moon


072-20120702 Twilight

aircraft slowing down

gainst twilight colour gradient ·

bat shoots by bedroom

071-20120629 Breath

majestic sunbeams

horses grazing in paddock ·

breath of earth with hay

070-20120629 Under

six feet under ground

no button no mobile phone

two hours air to breathe

069-20120629 Gazing

lying on the back

gazing at the covered sky ·

sensing ants crawling

068-20120629 Waymarks

crossroads country lanes

woods paths thicket · no waymarks

wholly overcast

067-20120628 Gone

empty pot turned up

woodlice scurrying around ·

slugs all at once gone