066-20120628 Fruit

scanty fruit fallen

off cankery apple tree ·

shred in mowing grass


065-20120628 Laughter

a senseless laughter

noted by left hand angel ·

radio speaking

064-20120628 Roses

nostalgia roses

please go back to fifty four

wine syrup savor

063-20120627 Cleared

wild back garden cleared ·

sun in hazy heavens vault

as frosted bulb glows

062-20120627 Tamtaa

tam tatam tamta

tam tam tamtata tamta ·

tamtaa tatam tam

061-20120626 Washed

bright memory of

pain washed blissful with tears of

penance and pardon

060-20120626 German

garden newcomers

blue tit and chiff chaff welcomed ·

german rat poisoned