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101-20131208 Lies

shoulder shadow lies

down on balcony lit lawn ·

planes blink through great bear

051-20120617 Waylaying

soft evening · coon cat

behind parlor pane waylaying

terrace rat caesar

050-20120616 Hither

late spring shower passed by

sky brightens up blue · two duck

couples waddling hither

049-20120611 Morning

hail morning one more

perception clusters again

alike yet new · courage

048-20120610 Wren

lawn cleared of storm waste ·

fluffy wren warbles bold songs

recalling highest flight

047-20120609 Girl

vine cloathed brick cottage

windows reflecting huge sky ·

girl with dog jogging

046-20120608 Floating

light blue sky · shadows

from cloud domes floating over

rye and corn seedling fields

045-20120608 Blithely

bumblebees humming

amongst cloverheads · muskrat

blithely grazing grass

044-20120607 Craved

moth crash from lamplight ·

mystic algorithm of

craved givennesses

043-20120605 Tracing

tracing the people of

gentle light without evening ·

lovely bird tunes pain

042-20120604 Work

this rain-wet grayscaled

day expired · trembling for

eleventh hour work

041-20120602 Forlornness

witching fragrance of

crimson peony flowers

leaving forlornness

040-20120602 Repentance

sun in azure sky

flooded by swart tempest clouds ·

waking repentance

039-20120529 Freedom

no voice get thee out ·

just generous tacit love

forwarding freedom

038-20120529 Mown

withered azaleas

elderflowers by drying stream ·

daisy meadow mown

037-20120526 Laying

crybaby’s cry choked

cheery chaffinck’s warble paused ·

laying name in soul

036-20120526 Step

scent of lime blossoms

late sunset tree silhouettes ·

step grating pebbles

035-20120523 Pit

stone cast lawn putto

by man sized well pit cover ·

loafing on light shores

034-20120523 Man

dog rose buds blooming

red beech squirting blackbird tweets ·

man trimming brook bank

033-20120520 Clouds

black clouds inside glow

round loftiest throne of lustrous

tempera · quart moon

032-20120518 Wheelchair

wheelchair out-of-doors ·

flesh limbs senses heart soul mind

to serve him are lent

031-20120514 Tasting

jacob’s well at noon ·

tasting water of wisdom’s

unowed dulcitude

030-20120513 Maple

rambling penumbras ·

japanese maple in clay tub

to thrive on mate’s tomb

029-20120512 Farewell

leaving beloved home

farewell parents dear yet strange ·

dark heavens unclosed

028-20120512 Bringing

bringing this evening’s

gilt cloud gleaming in your eyes

beyond the heart’s midst

027-20120511 Nots

brilliant jay comes not

neighbor’s organ plays no chant ·

blue forget-me-nots

026-20120510 Doom

sweet lilac-blossom ·

pious party cheering doom

at lunch with champagne

025-20120509 People

got at wondrous land

fond people in gentle town ·

vying for kingdom

024-20120508 Verged

pure bell sound’s discord

soothing apportioned distress

verged on mortal sin

023-20120508 Fir

gorgious weed blooming

cloudlets dabbed at pale blue sky ·

planted fir deathlike

022-20120507 Gallinule

sunny rain-washed grass ·

startled gallinule fleeing

pecking to-and-fro

021-20120507 Fire

fire coming down

into corrupted nature ·

flesh and blood divine

020-20120505 Dark

gazing with dark eyes

into the allholy one’s

uncreated light

019-20120505 Locked

rain on window pane

highroad noise wafting afar ·

knocking on locked door

018-20120505 Dandelion

limp dandelion

cleared out of flagstone walkway ·

cloud pall hanging low

017-20120504 Adrift

thrimilce morning glare

lights copperbeech foliage ·

adrift from sky vault

016-20120504 Dusk

spruce twigs sprouting buds

cobwebs floating at damp dusk ·

midges midst pollens

015-20120503 Noon

old red beech shadows

lawn strewn with petals of apple blooms ·

towered noon ceding

014-20120502 Redbreast

hole for thuja digged

redbreast perches on spade shaft ·

thundrous eve sinking

013-20120502 Standstill

may thunder rumbling

blue tit’s wing whirring standstill ·

watching lid inward