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101-20131208 Lies

shoulder shadow lies

down on balcony lit lawn ·

planes blink through great bear

051-20120617 Waylaying

soft evening · coon cat

behind parlor pane waylaying

terrace rat caesar

050-20120616 Hither

late spring shower passed by

sky brightens up blue · two duck

couples waddling hither

049-20120611 Morning

hail morning one more

perception clusters again

alike yet new · courage

048-20120610 Wren

lawn cleared of storm waste ·

fluffy wren warbles bold songs

recalling highest flight

047-20120609 Girl

vine cloathed brick cottage

windows reflecting huge sky ·

girl with dog jogging

046-20120608 Floating

light blue sky · shadows

from cloud domes floating over

rye and corn seedling fields